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  Spector Pro for Windows
ProBox.jpg Start with the Most Advanced Screen Snapshot Recorder, Add ACTUAL Email Recording, PLUS ACTUAL Chat Recording, PLUS The World's Best Keylogger and Web Site Recording.

Then, add Program Recording and File Transfer Recording.

Add Facebook & MySpace activity recording so you will know everything your kids are posting about themselves on Facebook & MySpace and everything their friends are posting about them. Add online search recording so you will know everything they are searching for on Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSN. Then add in Top 10 Summary Reports so that you will have a quick top-level view of everything they have been doing over the past day, week, month or several months.

In addition, Spector Pro will actually examine what is being done and analyze it to see whether you should be NOTIFIED RIGHT AWAY - if something bad is happening to your loved ones while they are surfing the Internet.

Finally, add in the ability to block specific web sites from being visited or block chat activity or block internet access altogether with Spector Pro's flexible Internet Access Blocking.

Combine 10 recording tools with Internet access blocking and intelligent and instant alert notification when content you specify is encountered and you have the most powerful spy software you can buy anywhere.
Price: $89.99
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